Drop-in replacement or fresh start

The RegionBound plugin is based on a a fork of danzel's popular Leaflet.markercluster code. If you already use it, simply replace leaflet.markercluster.min.js by the new .js file (renamed) from the package download for an instant upgrade. Drupal users: no need to rename, just drop it in the same folder. Or start afresh and create beautiful maps using Leaflet. Your purchase gives you a leg-up with its complete examples that work out of the box.

   Do I need anything else?

A region hierarchy may consist of anything that makes sense in your application. Wine regions, for instance. Or postal addresses based on country, state, city and suburb. You add the region data as you add markers. Check out the Code
Or use Drupal (D7) and you do not have to code at all.  Play Drupal

   Drupal CMS

Drupal (D7) users have it so easy. No coding required. Enable the RegionBound plugin with module IP Geolocation Views & Maps and all you have to do is fill out the module's map configuration form.

   Download the plugin

Regionbound MarkerCluster plugin v2.0.4
for Leaflet v1.x+
RegionBound v2.0.4 (updated 2020),
documented code, FAQs, examples
$ 39.00 USD

Your copy is for a single hostname plus any subdomains as well as localhost.

Not-for-profit organisations may be eligible for free use - contact us.

After you have submitted your payment, please wait several seconds for the page to refresh while the plugin is being emailed to you.

You should receive receipt and plugin + documentation in two emails.
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 Enquiries and supportRegionBound@gmail.com
Registered under ABN 38 498 257 305
Conceived and coded by Rik de Boer © 2021 Melbourne, Australia

   Are you ready to go RegionBound?

The RegionBound plugin:
  • clusters within regions, does not cross borders
  • displays population counts and aggregation totals that make sense
  • reveals underlying subregions when hovering clusters
  • thereby also highlighting data errors
  • fully supports mobile: a single tap on a cluster produces a population outline with subregions tooltip; a double tap zooms in and explodes the cluster
  • features the traditional as well as a heuristic-hull for a tighter cluster coverage outline
  • is high-performant
  • works with Leaflet, not with the Google or OpenLayers APIs

Download your copy now.

   What do I get with my order?

Upon payment you’ll receive by immediate return email an attachment containing:
  • the plugin, in optimized javascript code, ready to be used as a drop-in replacement for leaflet.markercluster.js, or in a new project
  • demos that run straight in your browser, no server required
  • simple and complete commented code for the included demos
  • instructions on how to generate random locations for dozens of countries
  • FAQs and tips